What is an induction loop

What is an induction loop system?

Hearing (induction) loops help people with hearing loss to hear sounds more clearly
by reducing the effect of background noise.
For example, in a shop, or bank loops help people hear staff more clearly. In the theatre, loops can help people hear performances more clearly.
A hearing loop is a piece of equipment that allows a hearing aid wearer to hear more clearly.

Using fairly basic physics, when an electrical current passes through a conductor it creates a magnetic field around it, for current to flow it must have a complete circuit, if another conductor from a separate circuit comes close too, but not in physical contact, the magnetic field created the current passing through the first circuit is induced into the second circuit, this same principal has been used in numerous applications within the electrical industry, it is how an electrical transformer works, and has been used to assist the hearing impaired for almost 100 years, so its not a new technology.

When someone talks into a microphone which is connected to an amplifier, that audio signal is then amplified and transmitted out into a loop of cable installed around a room or an area which can be as small as a reception desk or a large auditorium, anyone wearing a hearing aid which has a loop facility can select that operation and can then hear anything being transmitted through the system.

This applies to different types of hearing aids, including digital.