Product Range

Induction Loop Systems

Induction Loop System come in various sizes and applications, as well as a range of other products using the same style of technology all aimed at making life easier for those amongst us who have a hearing impediment.

Portable loop.

A portable hearing loop provides limited coverage and is designed for one to one conversation for people with hearing aids.

Counter loop.
This is specifically designed to provide hearing loop facilities at retail premises including
shops, bank and post office counters, and also transport and entertainment ticket-booking offices.
Room loop.
This is designed to provide hearing loop facilities over a much wider area, for
example large meeting rooms, auditoriums and lecture halls, places of worship, and
entertainment venues.
Telephones and other devices.

Telephones can also have induction loop systems built in to them, there is a wide range of telephones for both residential and business use, as well as headsets for telephone receptionists and call centres, mobile phones can also have loop attachments.

Mobile loops.

There are also loop systems available whilst on the move, taxis, buses, even boats can have loop systems installed.