AFILS (Audio Frequency Induction Loop System)

Hi, my name is Roger and my company is ALine Telecomms Ltd, and I have been installing induction loop systems around the UK for about 15 years.

ALine Telecomms install AFILS Induction loop systems are approved installers of Signet (AC) Ltd range of induction loop systems.

Induction loop systems are used to assist the hearing impaired by transmitting sound from a sound system, microphone, television or other source, directly to a hearing aid equipped with a telecoil or ‘T’ position.

ALine Telecomms Induction loop systems


It is a legal requirement for organisations to have in place arrangements for the hearing impaired under the Equality Act.

This means any public organisation, shops, hotels, church’s, village halls, exhibitions, museums and a whole range of other businesses must comply.

Contact Aline Telecomms – 01603672626 Norwich Induction loop systems  have approved installer accredited status to design, install and commission a range of induction loop systems for domestic use, care homes, church’s and halls, large and small.

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    Induction loop systems,( AFILS ) ALine Telecomms have provided their professional services with induction loop systems for Gt Ormond St Hospital, Holiday Inn Express as well as dozens of village halls in Norfolk and Suffolk.

    Numerous medical centres and dentists have also used Induction loop systems installed by ALine Telecomms to ensure compliance to the Equality Act.